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Want to know how to get more customers through the door and more profit in your pocket? Join International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and 7-Figure Business Owner Stacy Tuschl to discover the systems and strategies that really work to grow your own local small business. From offline and online marketing to staffing, scaling, mindset and more, you’ll learn the essential elements for building a massively profitable business and a hugely happy life. Whether you own a dental office or dance studio, real estate brokerage or salon/spa—or any local business in between—the strategies you need to succeed are here. (Formerly She's Building Her Empire.)
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May 16, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Although my signature program is called “The Profit Mastermind”, business is not all about profits, is it?
Well, I know that as responsible and impact-making entrepreneurs, we’re in business to make money so we can bring about a positive change in the world – all while living a deeply fulfilling life ourselves.
But restraining our thought and goal-setting process to just money is a grave injustice to our dreams, desires and God-gifted abilities to help others.

So when it comes to packaging up your ideas into one fine offer and putting it out in the world (a.k.a. launching), you shouldn’t keep your focus ONLY on SALES.

Because the more concerned you are about your numbers (instead of the overall impact you are making), the more those numbers will evade you…to the point that it almost becomes a never-ending episode of “hide & seek.”
When your sole motivation is your rising or declining numbers, you will act from a place of scarcity during your launch instead of a place of abundance, and that creates a no-win situation for you and your audience.

For a successful launch, you need to have the mindset of a leader. One that:

  • Radiates your true energy out in the world in a confident way
  • Knows that sales numbers have nothing to do with your value or worth
  • Enables you to share your very best with the world even when you don’t feel like it
  • Lets you claim your brilliance and encourages you to stay on track to make your mark in the world

Once you’re mentally prepared to slay your fears as they emerge, willing to look beyond numbers and gauge the real impact of your launch, and have a buddy by your side cheering on you as you move forward, sales numbers automatically fall into place.  

  1. Take a moment and look deep inside of you. List down all the fears that are possibly holding you back from having a successful launch.  
  2. What will make you feel abundant during your launch? Apart from the sales numbers, set tangible goals for yourself and savor the moments when you achieve them (e.g. Increased list size, social proof, appreciation, engagement and activity, impact made, etc.)
  3. Launches don’t have to be an uphill battle. Who is the one person you want by your side during your launch to keep you accountable and celebrate your wins no matter how small they are? 


  1. Answer the questions above. 
  2. Share your answers in the FB group with the hashtag #Launchedin90 #Day2 to be entered for a chance to win our contest. (Grand prize valued at $997) 
  3. Tune in at Noon CST to watch the LIVE class in She’s Building Her Empire Community.

Listen up, I’m going to show you how you can launch in 90 days but I can't force you to achieve spectacular results, so I need you to step up and do the work.

See you in the Facebook Group with rest of the challengers!

May 15, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Has this ever happened to you?
An idea sparked in your mind. Light-bulb moment. Goosebumps all over your body just by thinking of the impact it’s going to have. You fervently start working on the idea as it seems to be everything you’ve ever dreamed about. You do some basic research, create a plan, set goals and dates…you’re basically right on track to turn it into a living reality…and then it all dies.


The burst of flame. The motivation. The dream. All those rough outlines, plans and deadlines start to haunt you. Even when you force yourself to work, you can’t do it. You find yourself coming up with new excuses every time you even think about it. It’s like all of a sudden you’ve lost your interest in that “passion” project and it all turns into a forced task. So you just leave it…unfinished…
test - Stacy, this is what I see so many entrepreneurs doing when they decide to create an online product or program and launch it.

They go into the product/course creation or launch mode with full force…only to feel bored or get sidetracked after a little while. But if you’re serious about your online business (and the dreams associated with it) and are committed to making it work, then you can’t afford to fall prey to this cycle of gloom & doom, can you? And that brings me to Day 1 of the “Launched in 90 Days” challenge.

A launch without a vision is just a series of tasks that you HAVE to do no matter what. If you don’t have a driving force behind your launch, it can turn into a messy business experience…leaving you more frazzled than before.
With a clear vision in sight, even the toughest tasks get done like a breeze. Because now you are well aware of the importance of each milestone and the change it’s going to bring.
So let’s take a look at today’s assignment, shall we?

  1. How much income are you hoping to bring in through this launch? 
  2. How will this launch help you impact your audience on a larger scale? 
  3. List 3 ways your launch will help you become an authority in your respective industry. 
  4. What kind of lifestyle changes do you see this launch bringing about for you?


  1. Answer the questions above. 
  2. Share your answers in the FB group with the hashtag #Launchedin90 #Day1 to be entered for a chance to win our contest. (Grand prize valued at $997) 
  3. Tune in at Noon CST to watch the LIVE class in She’s Building Her Empire Community.

You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to, so stretch your imagination and dream BIG.
There’s no reason you can’t achieve what you’ve not achieved up until now.

See you in the Facebook Group!

May 9, 2017

If you're having some difficulty understanding the difference between your real value and the price that you're charging, you will really gain a lot from today's show. Stacy's guest, Bob Burg, is a best-selling author and a speaker. He has written a number of books on sales, marketing and influence and today he explains the importance of knowing this, as well as giving you a lot of other, really valuable advice. Listen in today, to what Bob has to tell you about knowing your true value and also about giving value to others.


Bob's total book sales have already reached over a million, with the book The Go Giver having been particularly successful. Stacy says that even if you take away only one golden nugget from Bob on today's show, it's going to really be worth listening to, so tune in now, to hear what Bob has for you.


Some highlights include:


“Sometimes, with entrepreneurs, there's a tendency to under value yourself.” From minute 1:45, Bob talks about price and value and why it's so important to understand the difference between the two.

“The basic premise of The Go Giver is simply shifting your focus from getting to giving.” From minute 2:12, Bob talks about shifting your focus from getting to giving.

“We should absolutely trying to please others, and as a result, we profit.” At minute 2:47, Bob explains how pleasing others ties into our human nature, as well as into pre-market economics, so we will naturally profit, as a result.

“Let's talk about the difference between price and value, because understanding it is what allows us to charge what we should be charging. From minute 3:16, Bob explains about charging what you should be charging and feeling great about it.

Price is finite, but value can be both concrete, in terms of that $5000 saving, but it can also be conceptual, in terms of the peace of mind that she's providing.” At minute 5:27, Bob explains the difference between price and value, as in the example that he used.

“ In a free market exchange, the main characteristic of such an exchange is that both parties, the buyer and the seller, come away from the transaction better off.” From minute 6:17, Bob explains the basics of The Law of Value.

“When you sell on high value, you're a resource.” At minute 6.59, Bob explains about selling on high value.

“Sometimes it's so great to work with a coach.” From minute 7:59, Bob explains about the value of working with a coach.

“Someone gave me some advice that changed the whole way I did business.” From minute 9:20, Bob talks about the advice that changed the way he did business.

“So many people think that selling is about trying to convince someone to buy something they don't want or need.” From minute 11:48, Bob talks about common misconceptions about selling and sets things straight with the truth about it.

“In other words, it's the lack of emotional attachment.” From minute 13:45, Bob explains about emotional posture.

“Asking if something will make money, like you said, is a great question, it's just a bad first question.” From minute 19:08, Bob explains why asking if something will make money is a bad question to ask first.

“If it will serve, the money will be a result.” At minute 21.03, Bob talks about serving as a priority.

“We always have to realise that we operate unconsciously, based on our own unconscious beliefs.” From minute 22:20, Bob talks about our unconscious beliefs and how they can affect our views about others.

“If it's a matter of an actual coach that we're hiring...” From minute 23:30, Bob and Stacy explain what you should look for in a coach.



Bob's website:

May 2, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


We are wrapping up from the live event we had last week! I have some lessons learned from my live event that I wanted to share with you. The event was great, but I can always improve, so we look at every possible way to make that happen each and every time.


One thing I’ve learned about myself is that I think I lose my voice, not because I am speaking, but because I am stressed. I have lost my voice 4 times this past year, and it’s almost always because I am under stress. I knew I had to see if I could control this better because this isn’t a normal way to function. So, let’s start there and I’ll share with you some of the takeaways from my most recent live event.


Episode Highlights:

“I wasn’t doing my normal water intake or taking my multi-vitamins, and I didn’t exercise”……….at minute 4.10 Stacy talks about the physical conditions surrounding her stressful times when she lost her voice and the things she realized when she looked back.

“We have our opinions, but I also made sure we did a survey”…… minute 5, Stacy talks about how she has constantly surveyed her audience throughout her business, but it’s a little more personal when she surveyed her live event attendees.

“The event was profitable and most live events are not.”…….at minute 7.30 Stacy talks about how much her first event ended up costing her and the steps she took in year 2 to make sure she was profitable. Sticking to the budget this year helped her profitability this year.

“People are waiting to hand over their credit card.”… minute 9.0 Stacy talks about how you must craft a great offer for your audience. They want to buy from you and have you help them learn more and put into action what you just taught them. So always have a great offer for a follow-up product.

“I was able to pre-sell something to my audience.”… minute 9.20, Stacy talks about how pre-selling a product that wasn’t even launched yet, has helped her craft her next product.

“There’s no resting right now.”…….At minute 10.30, Stacy talks about how even though everyone told her to get some rest after her live event, she’s working on a new 5-day challenge that starts next week! She’s helping people plan, launch and sell out your first digital course.

“We can make more money, but we can’t make more time.”……at minute 12.21, Stacy talks about how you should look at doing a group coaching program even if you make tons of money doing one-on-one coaching. The reason is because you run out of time to help all the people that follow you and need your help. Group coaching allows you to reach more people.


Resources: - 5-day challenge for your 90-day launch plan

Apr 27, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Do you know how much you can benefit from pre-selling a product? The idea of pre-selling something that doesn't even exist yet can be scary and many people don't fully understand what it's all about, so today Stacy talks about launching that product and she takes you through a five step launch process. Listen in to find out more.


On today's show, Stacy recaps the bridge analogy that James Wedmore talked about in his last video. Stacy says that the James Wedmore Series is that good that everybody is bringing it up and that Video 2 was released yesterday.  Listen in today as Stacy explains and clarifies the launch process.


Some Highlights Include:


“I want you to picture a river, right...” At minute 1:36, Stacy asks you to create a mental picture.

“Now I love this analogy because it's exactly what we do in our business.” At minute 1:44, Stacy explains the analogy.

“So we need to basically stick with one bridge...” From minute 2:15, Stacy talks about creating complete sales funnels.

“And the biggest reason I want you to pre-sell...” From minute 3:14, Stacy explains why she wants you pre-sell.

“We either think that we're lying to people by pre-selling, or we're nervous because we won't finish in time.” From minute 4:13, Stacy talks about some problems that women tend to have with pre-selling.

“How do you sell something when you don't necessarily know what it's going to look like.” From minute 6:40, Stacy explains the process of pre-selling.

“And they give me feedback, I'm able to make the next modules better.” At minute 7:28, Stacy explains the value in getting feedback.

“Now I did create a download for you.” At minute 8:12, Stacy tells you where you can access her free download of the five-step launch process.

“So here's the five-step process to creating this product.” From minute 8:44, Stacy explains the five-step process.

“James had this amazing calculator alongside that video...” From minute 12:07, Stacy explains something that she loved about James's video.



James Wedmore's Video 2:

For your free download:

Apr 25, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Are you an architect, or are you an intern in your business? Stacy wants to know and she can guarantee that you're doing more in your business than you should be doing. She says that she's doing more in her business than she should be and she's working on it and wants you to do that too. Listen in today to find out what she advises.


On today's show, Stacy talks about the tasks you need to be doing and the tasks that you need to be weeding off your plate. She also talks about what you need to be delegating to someone else. Stacy, who has been an entrepreneur for almost fifteen years, as well as being a high-performance Business Coach and a best-selling author, says that you really shouldn't worry if you don't think you have the money to hire someone, as she has a really great way around that. Listen in today and find out what you can do.


Some highlights include:

“A hundred percent of my coaching clients, including myself, are either overwhelmed right now, have been overwhelmed recently, or will be overwhelmed.” From minute 2:33, Stacy talks about being overwhelmed in your business and figuring out how to get through it.

“Yesterday, I shared James Wedmore's free video series.” From minute 1:49, Stacy talks about James Wedmore and what you'll gain from watching his crazy good video series.

“So I would love to hear from you, definitely please post in the chat, post in the comments.” At minute 2:50, Stacy asks you to let her know if you are overwhelmed right now.

“I want to help you figure out and separate this into three lists.” From minute 3:16, Stacy wants you to make lists to figure out what you're going to do, what you're going to delete and what you're going to delegate.

“So I use what I call 'parking lots'.” From minute 3:35, Stacy explains about her idea of 'parking lots'.

“So how do we know what is urgent?” At minute 3:55, Stacy explains the importance of your Ninety Day Goals.

“You can now decide if you even have anything that you have to continue to do with this, for your 'to do' now.” From minute 5:06, Stacy talks about removing things off of your 'to do' list.

“Then the last step is delegation.” From minute 5:52, Stacy talks about delegation.

“If you don't have time to train...” From minute 6:14, Stacy explains how few tasks there are in your business that can only be done by you.

“I've created a free download that I would love for you to check out.” At minute 6:48, Stacy talks about her free download, to help you figure out what to delegate.

“When you hire somebody, you're going to put more work on your 'to do' list.” At minute 7:35, Stacy talks about what hiring someone will entail.

“Prep like you're heading out on a vacation.” At minute 7:55, Stacy gives a great tip for being prepared, when training someone.

“No money, right?” From minute 8:23, Stacy talks about how you really can afford virtual assistance.

“There are pros and cons.” From minute 9:16, Stacy talks about the pros and cons to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

“And then our next position, I think for me personally, is going to be somebody in Customer Service.” From minute 10:59, Stacy talks the real value in having somebody to do her Customer Service.

“So I'm using this new software...” From minute 12:36, Stacy talks about her new software (ecamm, for $30) and why it really excites her.


Links: – For James Wedmore's free video series. – For Stacy's free download about delegating.



Book: Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker

Apr 18, 2017

If you're thinking of starting your own podcast, you're likely to find that it involves a whole lot more work than you think. On today's show, Stacy talks to Nicole Holland, who is an expert at podcast guesting and she's also going to be one of the speakers at Stacy's She's Building Her Empire Live Event, which is coming up in two weeks. Listen in to find what Nicole does and what she has to offer.

Stacy wants the ladies coming to her event to get to know Nicole a bit better, because she wants them to take advantage of what Nicole has to share and also so that they can dive straight in on day one of the event, with any questions they may have for her. Nicole helps entrepreneurs to get featured on hot podcasts that their target audience is listening to. She helps them to understand how to position themselves so that they get both bookings and results. Listen in today and find out how to get featured on the hottest shows and get the results you want.

Some highlights include:


“I've been a marketing strategist, I'm a Master Coach, ...” From minute 3:34, Nicole shares some background to what she does.

“Podcasting is such a great way to connect with people.” At minute 5:34, Stacy talks about podcasts as a way to really connect with people.

“So I was not interested in podcasting- I didn't even listen to podcasts and I already had enough on my plate.” From minute 6:06, Nicole talks about how she got into podcasting.

“And I'm not the kind of person who can do anything like, half- I mean I'm either all in or all out and so when I do my summits, it really is a considerable amount of time and effort and work.” From minute 8:19, Nicole talks about what goes into creating a virtual summit.

“Honestly, it was totally unintentional. I had no intention of becoming this person.” From minute 9:47, Nicole talks about what made her decide to help people to get on other people's shows.

“I started really paying attention to what made a great guest, versus what made a not great guest.” From minute 12.25, Nicole talks about recognizing what makes a great podcast guest.

“Rather than writing a book, I did a Beta Program, called Interviews That Convert, where I taught people everything that I knew and gave them templates and stuff like that.” At minute 14.03, Nicole talks about her Beta Program.

“So instead of doing the Program and having people pay for it, I decided to give it away for free, so I create a podcast called Get Guests Ready.” At minute 16:19, Nicole talks about her free Get Guests Ready Podcast.

“The more we embrace who we are, what we stand for and speak our truth, the more our people come to us.” From minute 19:31, Nicole talks about attracting and working with the right

“I'm not like a main speaker, I'm doing a breakout session.” From minute 20:55, Nicole talks about what she will be covering at the Live Event.

Apr 13, 2017

Stacy recorded this show in Mexico, while away on her first vacation in about five years. Initially, she thought that the vacation would be a waste of money, as she's been away to tons of conferences recently and she thought that the money could be better used in many other ways, both in her business and at home. She was also under the impression that she didn't really need a break at this time. Listen in and find out how Stacy came to realize that this vacation was really necessary for both herself and her husband.


Stacy points out that there is a big difference between going away to a conference, where you'll end up spending all day in over cooled conference rooms, and taking a real vacation with your partner. Listen in today, as she shares some of the valuable things that she learned while she was away.



Some highlights include:


  • “Just because I don't think I need a break...” At minute 4.49, Stacy explains that she came to realize that although she didn't think she needed a break,  her husband, who works in a typical 'nine to five' situation, certainly did.
  • “Just because you don't need it, doesn't mean that he doesn't need it!” At minute 5.39, Stacy points out the necessity of taking your partner's needs into account, when deciding whether or not to take a break.
  • “Also, we needed it together...we make sure that we take a date night once a week.” At minute 5.42, Stacy explains the importance of taking some quality time out, sans kids, to spend with your partner.
  • “I didn't realize that I did need some sort of a break.” At minute 6.15, Stacy talks about how she came to realize that she had not exited out of 'launch mode' after her launch was over and she continued working around the clock, often trying to squeeze in as much work as she could before her kids woke up.
  • “I was able to kind of re-prioritise, and because of that, it really gave me the break that I needed, that I didn't even know that I was missing.” At minute 7.00, Stacy explains how she benefited from a break that she didn't even realize that she needed.
  • “Here's what I was able to do-” From minute 7.11, Stacy explains how her plans to read the book Profit First changed and she ended up walking and thinking a lot, resulting in her listening to a book with her Audible App, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod- and taking the opportunity to practice what she learned from it for a whole week.
  • “So here's kind of what I did and I want you to see this.” From minute 8.31, Stacy shares some of the things that she gained, from her daily practices from The Miracle Morning. 
  • “I used the Muse Headband.” At minute 9.05, Stacy explains how using the Muse Headband really helps her to meditate.
  • “Here are some tips that he gave me that are really useful-” At minute 10.04, Stacy shares some really helpful morning tips from the Muse Headband meditations.
  • “And then a couple of the other things he tells you to do are affirmations..” From minute 11.53, Stacy explains how you can really benefit from doing regular affirmations.
  • “Do some envisioning- something you want to happen.” At minute 12.36, Stacy talks about her use of a Vision Board.
  • “Another thing he said was 'exercise'.” From minute 15.31, Stacy talks about how much she has benefited from doing ten minutes of Yoga each morning.
  • “Journaling and really expressing your gratitude every morning in a journal.” At minute 16.56 Stacy talks about being really specific, without being repetitive, when expressing your gratitude every morning, in a journal.


Stacy's recommended resources:


Application: Audible (For listening to books)


Books: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

           The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod


Stacy bought this Muse Headband




For Stacy's free Training Workbook- 7 Ways to Go From Overlooked to Overbooked With High Paying Clients, go to:


Apr 11, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


In episode 166, Stacy shared 5 big takeaways from Social Media Marketing World. Today, she’s here to share 4 things she learned at the same conference that has nothing to do with social media marketing.


Also, the podcast is undergoing a bit of restructuring. From now on, Stacy will do Facebook Live broadcasts that will then be turned into podcast episodes. This change will allow for better repurposing of the content. So if you are on the email list, you will get a notification of the Facebook Live every Wednesday around noon and you can catch the show live.


In this episode, Stacy discusses:

Success needs to be balanced. At minute 2:50 Stacy talks about how the truly successful people are balanced in every aspect of their lives. True success only comes when you have the entire life you want, not just the successful business.

Masterminds are everything. At minute 4:05 Stacy talks about her amazing mastermind. There are couples in my mastermind and there are so many great relationships to be developed there.

No new friends. At minute 5:20 Stacy talks about how one session at SMMW talked about the limited amount of time they have to cultivate relationships. So, it means that you don’t have any time for any new friends because you are so busy deep diving into the relationships in their masterminds.

Some of the best conversations happened in the hallways. At minute 7:40 Stacy talks about how she had her best conversations in the hallways. She felt bad about skipping sessions but learned so much more by learning from individual conversations in the hallways.

Speakers on stage were nervous to speak at a huge event. At minute 9:20, Stacy talks about how many speakers had been given the stage and all it takes is raising your hand and applying to speak to a group. It’s time to pitch to speak in any conference you feel you can contribute to.

Don’t forget to check out episode 166 to learn the 5 big takeaways I had from Social Media Marketing World.

Also, don’t forget about my live weekly webinar - 7 Pillars or a successful business.

Join our Facebook group at!

Apr 6, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


If you're looking for the easiest ways to make money online, you will gain a lot from listening to today's show, as Stacy explains why it's really okay to do something that works, even though someone else has done it before.


Today, Stacy mentions that when something is easy, everybody does it, so she gets excited when things seem confusing, as then, there are usually a limited amount of people doing it. She explains that what she does in that case, is to pay an expert to explain how to figure it out and how to do it properly. Sometimes, however, she does take the easy road, as that 's what people are looking for. Listen in today and find out from Stacy what she means, when she talks about the easy ways.


Some highlights include:

“How can I really put something out there...” From minute 3.09, Stacy talks about a problem that she and her team faced during a recent Mastermind.

“So what my team and I decided...” From minute 3.25, Stacy explains how she and her team decided to overcome their problem.

“Why do we both have a one day workshop?” From minute 3.35, Stacy explains why it's common practice for people to choose to do the same things, with the same topic and even the same price point.

“The reason I'm bringing this story up...” At minute 4.22, Stacy explains why you shouldn't hold yourself back, just because somebody else has done the same thing that you intend to do.

“Let's talk about what are...” From minute 5.16, Stacy talks about common practices,  to make money online.

“What do those freebies look like?” At minute 5.26, Stacy explains about freebies, what they look like and why people use them.

“In one of my Group Coaching...” At minute 6.01, Stacy explains why she encourages you to copy things that work.

“Put your own twist on it...” At minute 6.29. Stacy explains why and how you should put your unique stamp onto something that you copy from someone.

“So there's nothing wrong...” At minute 7.43, Stacy explains why there's nothing wrong with going after something that people are already doing.

“We go through these stages...” At minute 8.20, Stacy discusses current trends.

“When you see a trend happening...” From minute 8.43, Stacy explains why she encourages you to jump on a trend sooner rather than later.

“There will be a time...” At minute 9.52, Stacy explains that people get tired of things at a certain point and won't continue to do them, so she cautions you to not wait so long that you miss an opportunity.

“You need to jump in now.:” From minute 10.41, Stacy explains why you should still jump onto Facebook Live now.

“I actually want you...” From minute 11.36, Stacy explains why you really should look at what others are doing and why you will still create something that is uniquely your own, after that.

“Definitely check out my free webinar...” From minute 12.44, Stacy explains why you should look at her free webinar- 7 Core Pillars of a Highly Profitable Business.


Link for Stacy's free webinar:

Apr 4, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Did you miss Social Media Marketing World this year? Stacy just got back from the conference and has so much to share. In this episode, Stacy will share her top takeaways from the sessions she attended.


In case you were wondering, Facebook still reigns supreme as far as being the biggest social media marketing channel. That’s the good news. The bad news is that across the board, everyone has had their organic reach drop. Don’t despair though, because in this episode Stacy will also tell you how to get around this and still reach more of your target audience.


The answer to reach isn’t frequency. It’s using Facebook Live. Listen in as Stacy explains:

It’s not a matter of finding the time, it’s a matter of removing something to make time for this. At minute 4:30, Stacy talks about how FB live is a necessity.

The bad news is FB ads are starting to get saturated… 5:20 Stacy talks about how she has an ad that is working, but she can’t increase it because she has saturated her market.

The answer to market saturation is Messenger ads…… minute 6:15 Stacy talks about this confusing new thing called FB messenger ads.

We can target people inside our messenger app……at minute 7 Stacy talks about the 60-70% open rates for the Messenger ads.

Everybody is doing FB live……….at minute 8:10 Stacy talks about how even though FB Live has been out for awhile, many people have never even done their first FB live yet.

Instagram is absolutely the #2 social media platform……….at minute 9:22, Stacy talks about how Instagram needs to be treated completely different than FB.

Should you be on Snapchat….maybe not if you do Instagram well. At minute 10:20, Stacy shares what the experts shared about why you may not need to be on Snapchat after all.

Artificial Intelligence, aka “bots” are like an auto-responder, and they are getting smart enough to interpret an answer and know how to respond. At minute 11:30, Stacy shares this incredible technology and how it will work.

You need to pay attention and observe when you get a Messenger ad. At minute 13:06 Stacy shares a story of a friend who added FB Messenger ads to his launch and made an additional $9000.

Messenger is really turning into an email. At minute 14:12, Stacy explains why people are expecting to get to you on Messenger the same way they would on email.

We will be experimenting with Messenger ads. At minute 15:50, Stacy shares the difference in how Messenger ads get priced by how many you send, not who sees it. The high open rate right now makes it worthwhile.

I was convinced to get on YouTube. At minute 16:50, Stacy explains why your YouTube needs to be more than just repurposed content.

The six degrees of separation comes into play with YouTube, so we need to create headlines that people will search for. At minute 18:20, Stacy explains why “how to” videos will always do great on YouTube.

Social media is always changing. At minute 21:10, Stacy explains how you can gain a competitive edge by staying on top of the social media trends.


Join Stacy for 7 Pillars of a Highly Profitable Business - Wednesday at 11:30 am Central at

Mar 30, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Are you concerned about your business because you're spending more on it than it's bringing in right now? Would you like to find out what you can do to turn this situation around? If so, you will learn a lot from today's show, as Stacy dives in deep and explains how it really is possible to survive this and to move forward with your business.


Today, Stacy explains how you can avoid getting overly stressed about money in your business.  She talks about how people tend to focus solely on their income, but not on their spending in business- a big mistake! She points out that it takes a lot of money to start a business and to keep it going strong and how it could happen that you could be funding it, growing it and then, all of a sudden, run out of money. On today's show, she focuses on what you should and shouldn't cut from your business in that situation and on how to cut things in a way that your customers don't feel it. Listen in and find out how to be smart and avoid spending more than you're making.


Some highlights include:


“So, first of all, are you spending a thousand dollars to bring in a hundred?” At minute 2.52, Stacy talks about how easily you can fall into spending more than you're making.

“But if you're somebody who's selling something that's actually costing them to do it, don't do it.” At minute 4.05, Stacy gives some down to earth advice about keeping your expenses in check.

“Do you know how much it costs you every single month to run your business?” At minute 4.18, Stacy asks a basic, yet necessary question, about hidden, ongoing monthly expenses in an online business.

“What is your break even number, every single month?” At minute 4.59, Stacy talks about how many people don't know that very basic fact- and why you need to know it.

“But we will talk about what we do cut because there are some things you shouldn't cut, some things that you should.” At minute 5.45, Stacy talks about how and why you should make those cuts without letting your customers know that your business isn't going well.

“Let's talk a bit about what expenses you can cut.” From minute 7.02, Stacy advises about the best way to cut your expenses.

“I do want you to look at it and go 'I either need to get rid of it, or I need to start using it'” At minute 8.53, Stacy talks about being careful not to get rid of things that you could benefit from actually using.

“Let's talk about some software...” From minute 9.00, Stacy talks about certain types of software that you could change for a free version that will still do the job, without letting your customers feel it.

“I didn't really need it. I wish I would have started a little bit smaller...” At minute 10.00, Stacy talks about things she overspent on, starting her business and how she would have benefited from spending less at the time.

“Let's talk about what not to cut.” From minute 10.32, Stacy talks about the importance of not cutting certain things.

“I would be very careful about downgrading to something that people again can see... money must be tight” At minute 12.42, Stacy cautions you about doing things in a way that will let your customers know that something is going on with your business.

“How do we bring in quick income?” At minute 13.28, Stacy talks about how to make some money quickly, in a way that looks right.

“People love events.” At minute 15.47, Stacy talks about how you can really benefit from doing a launch.


Stacy's free Facebook group: She's Building Her Empire club

Mar 28, 2017

As a business owner, you have a unique set of needs when it comes to tax planning. Many entrepreneurs assume that because they hire an accountant or a tax professional, that they are automatically getting the best advice about how to lower their tax obligation. It may surprise you to learn that an accountant isn’t trained to help you lower your taxes. There are many myths in the industry about completely legal parts of the tax code. Our guest today, John Pollock is here to set us straight and show us how to stop paying more taxes than we legally need to!


John Pollock is CEO of Financial Gravity - a firm that focuses on proactive tax strategies and planning for small businesses. He has been featured in Forbes Magazine. He is a frequent contributor on television and radio. John wrote the books The Nest Egg Cookbook – Your Recipe for a Comfortable Retirement. He contributed to the books Secrets of a Tax Free Life, and Tax Breaks of the Rich & Famous. John is also a featured speaker at conferences around the country.




  • Your accountant isn’t trained to help you with tax planning. At minute 4:30 John talks about the gap in training for accountants.


  • Accountants do not help you lower your taxes. At minute 5:30 John tells you where to get the real advice you need for tax planning.


  •   So many people are not being helped by the accounting industry because it has failed to educate people without trying to do what is right for its customers. At minute 8 John explains why he blames the industry.


  • The Augusta rule and why more accountants don’t want to touch it. At minute 9 John tells us how to save upwards of $3000 of taxes.


  • 5 ways to write off a home office in the tax code. At minute 10 John challenges the risk adverse industry and how it is ripping you off.


  •   Most businesses are structured wrong and why an LLC may not be the best thing……at minute 12 we learn why you are being sold on a structure that means you pay the highest taxes.


  • “If you make over $100,000 year, you probably need help with your taxes.” At minute 19:30, John explains how you can get creamed by taxes, but you can also fix it for the next year.


  • The dirty underbelly of the business world is that your first breakout year comes with a price tag” around minute 22, John gives you the low down on the J-curve.


  • “Most people are saving for retirement wrong”……around minute 24 John explains why a 401K is a terrible idea for an entrepreneur. 


  • “Obamacare is tax law.” At minute 25, you can understand why the law isn’t a healthcare law, but a tax law.


  • The Ramsey approach is for blue collar workers or employees, so you can’t take his “pay cash for everything” advice as an entrepreneur. Minute 27 holds all of the details about why you should use pre-tax dollars for your car.


Connect with John and Financial Gravity:

Free ebook - video series

text taxbook to 33444 to get the FREE ebook about the Myths surrounding taxes


Mar 23, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


If you're considering doing an online coaching course, or a Mastermind and would like to know the difference between all the programs out there, you will gain a lot from listening to today's show. Stacy realizes that there are so many people out there who have never had any kind of coaching before, so today she wants give you the information that you need, in order to make those decisions.


Stacy has been in business for a long time and she's been going to Masterminds and participating in coaching courses for eleven years, so she would like to share what she's learned to help you to understand the difference between Masterminds, Group Coaching and Private Coaching, so listen in to find out more.


Some highlights include:


  • “Masterminds are all the rage right now...” From minute 1.13, Stacy explains the difference between free and paid Masterminds.
  • “Now let's start with the free ones.” From minute 1.52, Stacy talks about free masterminds.
  • “As I've decided to leave the Mastermind...” From minute 2.18, Stacy talks about the need for strong leadership in Masterminds.
  • “If you want to do a free Mastermind...” At minute 3,08, Stacy explains what you need to have in place, if you want to do a free Mastermind.
  • “Let me even backtrack here...” From minute 3,24, Stacy explains what a Mastermind is.
  • “But understand that this person...” From minute 5.08, Stacy explains the role of a facilitator at a Mastermind.
  • “So that is why group coaching...” At minute 8.42, Stacy explains why Group Coaching has become more popular.
  • “I typically pay for private...” At minute 10.32, Stacy talks about her choice to pay for private coaching.
  • “You're sharing the expert in Group Coaching.” At minute 10.48, Stacy explains the difference between Private and Group Coaching.
  • “What's the best use of my time here?” At minute 11.17, Stacy talks about how to choose between Private Coaching, Group Coaching and Masterminds.
  • “How can you utilize the Group Coaching...” At minute 12.16, Stacy explains how you can make the most of Group Coaching.
  • “Those two things have brought me...” At minute 13.18, Stacy explains how she really benefits from investing in Private Coaching and Masterminds.


Don't miss this episode! It will save you valuable time and money in your next development endeavor!

Mar 21, 2017

If you're considering hosting your own podcast and you'd like to get some expert advice on how to go about doing that, you're really going to love today's show!

Stacy's guest is Jessica Rhodes, the CEO of Interview Connections, which is the premier agency for podcasters, guest experts and for booking them on other podcasts. Jessica is also the acclaimed author of the book Interview Connections: Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic. She has a few of her own podcasts too- Rhodes To Success, The Podcast Producers, and The Parenting Rhodes. Listen in today and find out how to produce a winning podcast, from someone who really knows both sides of the mic.


Some highlights include: 

“I actually started my business because I wanted to be a stay at home mom...” From minute 0.52, Jessica explains how she got started, with her podcasting empire.

“If I am going to be speaking at these conferences, I need to host my own show...” From minute 2.44, Jessica talks about what motivated her to start her own podcast.

“The first show was The Rhodes To Success, my weekly podcast...” From minute 3.05, Jessica talks about how she went from having one show to having three shows.

“I typically recommend starting as a guest expert, because it's easier...” From minute 4.34, Jessica, who is all about both sides of the mic, gives advice to newbies about where to start.

“I always recommend outsourcing it...” From minute 7.24, Jessica talks to entrepreneurs about the most efficient way to use your time when producing your podcast.

“I think it's all about providing a ton of value and not holding back.” From minute 8.40, Jessica explains how to really come across as the expert, on your own show, or on someone else's.

“I really believe in... always having an abundance mindset.” From minute 11.20, Jessica talks about how to deal with any fears you may have about there not being enough room for both you and your guest expert on your show.

“You can monetize it in a couple of different ways...” From minute 14.37, Jessica advises you about how you can best monetize your podcast.

“You could go the route of actually working with an advertising agency...” From minute 18.37, Jessica talks about how you can reach out to a podcaster that you would like to sponsor.

“I always say that the listeners are kind of the bonus...  for me, the primary value of this interview is the time I'm spending with you...” From minute 22.30, Jessica talks about how you can extract the most value from being interviewed on someone's podcast.


To contact Jessica:

Jessica recommends books by Dan Kennedy.

Mar 16, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


If you're considering signing up for an online course, or Mastermind, but you're wondering if it will be worth the money, or if your husband just doesn't see the value in it and that's holding you back, you will really benefit from today's show. Listen in as Stacy dives deeper into the things that you, as an entrepreneur, really need to talk to your husband about, when it comes to investing in online courses.


Stacy wants to help you to figure out how you can make it work and how you can get it through to him that these courses really are a great investment. Join her today, as she urges you to talk to your husband and explain things in a way that he can get it and find out how you can get yourself out there, do what you do best and start sharing your talents with the world.


Some highlights include:


“First, I want you to understand that this is your education you're talking about, right?” At minute 1.18, Stacy puts this kind of investment into perspective.

“This year alone, between those two things, I spent like about $56 000 on those two...”  From minute 2.18, Stacy explains how much she will bring in, due to having invested that money.

“I'm saying that it brought in $20 000 into my business, because of one strategy that I used there.” From minute 3.12, Stacy explains that it's not about how much it costs, but about how much it will make for you.

“There is so much more money that I'm putting into my personal development...”  From minute 3.49, Stacy explains how much she spends on live events and why it's so well worth it.

“I have grown up in a family business and because of that, when I talk about anything about my business, my family gets it.” At minute 4.55, Stacy talks about the advantage of having your family's support when you have a business.

“I also married an extremely supportive husband...” From minute 5.24, Stacy explains that her husband trusts her, even if he doesn't understand the specifics of what she's doing and the huge advantage of that for her.

“And then you might have somebody who doesn't get it and they're going 'you're nuts for doing this.'”  From minute 6.08, Stacy explains that she wants you to figure out how you're going to make this better and not to just give up.

“So I purchased an online course for $997 from an online expert. I used the strategy that was sold in that product and my launch that I did, using this strategy, brought in $60 000.”  At minute 6.40, Stacy gives an example of something that her husband understood.

“So start to educate your husband on things like that.” At minute 7.08, Stacy explains more about how you can go about educating your husband about the value of investing in online courses.

“I want you to know that your wife is out there doing what she does best and doing what she loves...” From minute 8.05, Stacy explains to husbands how much their support means to their wives.

“Confidence is huge- it's make or break in this space...” At minute 8.27, Stacy talks to husbands about the importance of their wives being confident with what they do.

“People are making millions of dollars online every single day...” At minute 9.01, Stacy explains how online products, although often intangible, make a huge difference in people's lives.

“If you have the funds to do this on your own, do you need their support? Can you go through with it anyway?” At minute 9.55, Stacy talks about the amazing groups you can join to get support, inspiration, and motivation from other female entrepreneurs.


Stacy's website:

Stacy's free Facebook Group: She's Building Her Empire club

Mar 14, 2017

The guest on today's show is Lindsay Padilla. Lindsay, who has two graduate degrees,  used to work as a University Professor and is now an online Teaching and Learning Consultant. Last April, Lindsay was at lunch with some big influencers, after attending Todd Herman's Ninety Day Year. 

She was helping one of them with an upcoming launch and the person was so impressed with what Lindsay had to offer that she wanted to know why she wasn't teaching this to other people. This made so much sense to Lindsay and she realized then that she actually had many things to offer to people that could really benefit them, as entrepreneurs. 

On today's show, Lindsay talks to Stacy about her online business and she also shares some incredibly simple, yet effective ways that you can attract more people, streamline your content, find your niche and really stand out, with online coaching. Listen in today and discover more ways to keep your business growing.


Some highlights include:

“You know, I've been in academia for at least like thirty years...” From minute 1.15, Lindsay talks about how got to where she is today.

“And so that common thinking of how do I translate my face to face course into an online course is actually pretty much what I help entrepreneurs do all the time.” At minute 4.07, Lindsay talks about her current business and what she does.

“You never know what connection you meet- that would trigger off the next idea...” At minute 4.58, Lindsay talks about the importance of being open, networking and going to events, to growing your business.

“To get started, it's a really good way to like get testimonies from people and just get the vibe of what it's like to work with someone one on one.” From minute 7.10, Lindsay talks about the value of bartering or swapping services with others, when starting out in your business.

“If you find yourself in a niche, or something that you're realizing doesn't have a lot of people or a niche that does, you have to stand for something.” At minute 9.03, Lindsay explains how you can make yourself stand out from other people.

“I'm good on camera and I think it has to do with me teaching a little bit...” From minute 12.59, Lindsay talks about her personal strengths and what makes her business unique and special.

“You know, I actually started to go to live events that aren't necessarily in the little bubble...” From minute 14.29, Lindsay talks about live events- her favorite ones and how many she goes to each year.

“I have my first full-time employee and I essentially cloned myself...” From minute 18.46, Lindsay talks about delegating things to other people.

“So I tend to actually get people who are academics...” from minute 24.06, Lindsay talks about the type of people she attracts to work with.

“There's too much content...” From minute 24.28, Lindsay talks about some common mistakes she sees with course creation and what can be done to fix them.

“Make sure you have transcripts... get all your videos transcribed.” From minute 28.41, Lindsay explains some small things that you could do, to really benefit your business.


To contact Lindsay:

Lindsay on Facebook: The Teacher's Lounge Group

Resource: – to help you to stay organized

Go to for your free trial from Audible.

Mar 9, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Today, Stacy talks about the great success of her Brand To Expand five day challenge and points out that it's not too late to join. She explains why she likes challenges so much, due to the quick wins and the clarity you can achieve in a really short time.


On today's show, Stacy talks about how she really got to know so many people so well through her challenge- and very quickly. She points out that this is not by chance. She explains that she's very intentional with what she does and today, she breaks down how she goes about doing this. Listen in and find out how you can use your intention to build your business and create success.


Some highlights include:

“One of my company values is to deliver 'wows' to my customers.” At minute 1.48, Stacy explains how she delivers 'wows' to her customers.

“Do something that nobody is doing.” At minute 2.35, Stacy explains more about how to deliver 'wows'.

“So what we did was she put all of those emails in a folder for me...” At minute 3.18, Stacy talks about using a personal touch to 'wow' your customers.

“So it's not about the all or nothing attitude...” From minute 4.30, Stacy talks about doing what you can, when you can.

“So each time you touch or reach out to somebody, it's noticed.” At minute 5.12, Stacy talks about unexpected things you can do for your customers.

“One of my favorite ways to 'wow' customers is when you mess up.” From minute 5.55, Stacy talks about thinking ahead and creating systems in your business.

“How should you deliver 'wows' in your mistakes...” At minute 6.35, Stacy explains how you can 'wow' your customers by pleasantly surprising them.

“It has to be brag-worthy.” At minute 8.03, Stacy talks about offering something brag-worthy to make up for mistakes.

“Be more referable.” At minute 8.28, Stacy shares some advice to get more referrals.

“Do not be bitter with your customers that leave you.” At minute 10.08, Stacy gives some advice to get customers to come back to you, should they leave.

“This is one of my modules in She's Building Her Empire.” At minute 10.36, Stacy explains how you can learn more through her online academy.


For Stacy's Brand To Expand Five Day Challenge go to:

For Stacy's Online Courses go to:

Mar 7, 2017

Today's guest is Maggie Patterson, a Communications Strategist and Chief Marketing Officer at Scoop Industries. Maggie, who has over fifteen years of experience, has spent her career working in Client Placing roles in Marketing and as a Copywriter and she's been self-employed for the last eleven years, as a consultant.

She is also co-host of Services, Sales, Success Podcast (formerly known as The Inside Scoop Podcast), a Master Level Content Marketer (as awarded by Copyblogger) and her work has been in many different places, such as and Fast  Today, Maggie shares her experience and explains how she mentors business owners to

She is also co-host of Services, Sales, Success Podcast (formerly known as The Inside Scoop Podcast), a Master Level Content Marketer (as awarded by Copyblogger) and her work has been in many different places, such as and Fast  Today, Maggie shares her experience and explains how she mentors business owners to scale their businesses in a smart way, that doesn't kill them in the process.

On today's show, Maggie and Stacy discuss some hot marketing strategies. Listen in and find out about what you should be focusing on in your business and learn how you can do way better by getting back to the basics and doing less.


Some highlights include:

“So I was one of those really entrepreneurial kids, always wanting to have a business...” From minute 0.57, Maggie shares her background story.

“So I co-own a marketing agency called Scoop Industries...” From minute 3.02, Maggie talks about what her business looks like today.

“There's really two parts to this...” From minute 4.40, Maggie explains where you should be looking to find new clients.

“So one of the biggest things I see and this is that we don't value what comes easily to us...” From minute 7.33, Maggie explains the basics that you need to have in place, when trying to seal the deal when closing a booking with clients.

“So what I always tell people is – have three packages.” At minute 8.32, Maggie talks about whether there should be a maximum number of offerings that you have for your clients.

“Pricing tells a story.” From minute 10.33, Maggie gives some tips for appropriate pricing and packaging.

“So number one go-to resource is literally to cut your to do list in half...” From minute 12.38, Maggie shares some of her favorite systems, strategies and resources to move your business to a higher level.

“A lot of times we talk about boundaries with our clients...” From minute 15.51, Maggie shares some tips to take you above and beyond with customer service.

“Our team is fascinating.” From minute 19.14, Maggie talks about the team she works with.


To contact Maggie:

Maggies website:


Maggie is co-host of the Services, Sales, Success Show (Formerly The Inside Scoop Podcast)

Mar 2, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


On today's show, Stacy talks about team building. She discusses something that she realized while attending a recent James Wedmore Mastermind, which was that she wanted to learn about team building even though she is an expert at it. Stacy mentions that this is way more common that you would think because when you get good at something, you just want to keep getting better and better at it.


Today, Stacy talks about her vast experience with the interviewing process and with hiring people for her business over the past fifteen years. She offers you a system to help you make that decision a clear one and gives some invaluable tips to help you get better at the hiring process. You will be certain to benefit from this show, as it's a great fit for many levels and stages of business.  Listen in today and find out how you can expand your team with way less stress.


Some highlights include:


“So with the brick and mortar I typically post on Craig's List...and with the online business, I typically post on Upwork...” From minute 3.38, Stacy explains where she advertises for employees for her brick and mortar business and for her separate online business.

“When you go and you post on one of these sites...” From minute 4.18, Stacy explains how to weed out people you don't want by just using the subject line.

“I ask for three pieces of what I call 'homework' inside of the ad...” From minute 4.43, Stacy explains more of her 'weeding out' process.

“So I do this test because I don't even open up the email if the subject line is incorrect.” At minute 5.54, Stacy explains more about why she does the test.

“What position do you need to hire, that doesn't need to have attention to detail?” From minute 6.05, Stacy talks about the importance of attention to detail, when hiring someone.

“What's really cool too, is in can filter, based off of a few things.” From minute 7.23, Stacy talks about another way you can weed, using the subject line filter in mail servers.

“I will specifically say “attach”. I do not want it in the copy...” At minute 8.01, Stacy shares another way to set people apart, when they respond via an email.

“This is one that will help you figure out who are the people you at least want to bring in for an actual interview.”  At minute 8.48, Stacy shares a great tip to help you figure out who to interview.

“They'll set up a phone number where it will just collect these voice messages.” At minute 9.19, Stacy explains about using a Google Voice Mail number to collect messages for you and the benefits of using this service.


For Stacy's 5 Day Challenge, go to:

Stacy's old website:

Stacy's new

Stacy on Facebook: She's Building Her Empire


Feb 28, 2017

Emily Hirsh, who majored in Kinesiology- with health being her thing,  is now a leading Facebook Apps Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist. Emily and her team have been part of multiple six figure launches, as well as having their own multiple six-figure businesses.

In today's show, Emily shares her knowledge and experience to help you to create strategies, so that you can go about marketing your business smartly and successfully, without wasting a ton of money.


Some highlights include:

“So I started by diving into the online business world when my husband and I started an online business three years ago...”  From minute 1.16, Emily explains how she became a Facebook Ad Strategist and a funnel.

“I get that question so much- like what should my budget be and so something I'm really big on is your warm audience...” From minute 3.13, Emily talks about where to start with advertising on facebook and what the budget should look like.

“It's honestly the warm traffic...” From minute 4.43, Emily talks about her go-to area, when working with someone for the first time, to ensure that they're set up correctly.

“The other thing that I talk about a lot is really like...planning...” From minute 6.25, Emily discusses some other things that people may not be realizing to be important when starting out.

“So I really like those small priced- even seven to twenty-seven dollar trip wires on the Thank You page...”  From minute 7.38, Emily talks about using trip wires.

“A funnel that I really like to lay out for webinars is...” From minute 8.47, Emily explains a strategy behind Funnel Marketing, when building a list for webinars.

“Well, I like having, ideally, different options and different levels in your funnel...” From minute 10.12, Emily talks about how to figure out the math, when creating price points.

“Well, obviously I love Facebook ads, so that's a big one, but looking at your funnel, like- looking at the numbers...” From minute 12.09, Emily discusses what you need to be looking at, apart from Facebook ads, when trying to scale your business.

“I see a lot of people try a funnel and it doesn't work and they want to redo it all and it's not necessarily the case at all...” From minute 13.47, Emily talks about little tweaks to improve your funnel.

“I think it's a lack of nurturing...” From minute 14.37, Emily talks about the most common mistakes and problems she sees in the funnel side of things, after a successful Facebook ad.

“About five emails, after that I usually spread...  you have to make sure that you're giving a lot of value in them.” From minute 16.43, Emily explains how to nurture your customers, without scaring them off and having them unsubscribe.

“I think, like if you can talk to your target audience, ask them what they want.” From minute 17.48, Emily explains how you can make sure you're creating something that people actually want to opt into.

“I think the visual is huge like people don't always even read all that copy that you write...”  From minute 20.56, Emily discusses the concept behind Facebook ads and which area within that to focus on first.

“I test both- I test with and without text...” From minute 23.02, Emily talks about how you can know whether or not to put your picture on your Facebook ad.


To contact Emily:

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Feb 23, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Stacy talks about copywriting on today's show. She explains that not everyone needs to hire a copywriter and that you may be able to get away with what you're doing for yourself in that area. Stacy gives you some tips on how you can make things work, if you don't have the budget to hire a copywriter and she also shows how you can use other, successful people's work as models, to help you to create a winning style for yourself and pointing out where you need to be cautious when doing that.


Today, Stacy shares some of what she's learned from the online space. She has found that really knowing your strengths and weaknesses is vitally important for anyone in business. She talks about knowing if what you're doing is something that you're really strong at and should be doing, or if it's one of your weaknesses and you need to let it go.


Some highlights include:


“I have an email address that I set up and I just use it to subscribe to any kind of- you know when you optin to something...” At minute 2.41, Stacy talks about setting up a 'fake' email address, for opting into freemium, or for other things for you to look at only when you choose to, not the one you would use for your Facebook ads or your personal stuff.

“So when you have that fake email address set up, you can get on anybody's subscription list, just to see how they're creating those emails.” From minute 4.19, Stacy explains how you can use other people's emails as a model.

“You're not always seeing everything that's behind the scenes.” At minute 5.12, Stacy cautions you about potential pitfalls, when using her 'fake' email method.

“I really one hundred percent believe that copy is one of the first things you'll be investing in.” At minute 6.53, Stacy talks about the value of investing in really good copywriting.

“Great copy sells way more...” From minute 7.22, Stacy explains how she really profited from using a great copywriter and that sometimes you need to invest in that first, to make good money.

“I'm a very good spender. I can spend a lot of money when it comes to my business because I see the potential.” At minute 8.30, Stacy talks about how her investing in a great copywriter before her launch really paid off.

“You have to be very, very careful that it's what you wanna teach and it's in your words..” At minute 9.44, Stacy talks about the importance of being true to your own style of expression, when writing copy, or using a copywriter.

“It wasn't just the copywriting, you know, there are so many pieces to having that big of a launch...” At minute 10.41, Stacy talks about what goes into setting up for a big launch.

“I loved when Maria talked about figuring out what you..” At minute 11.24, Stacy talks about the importance of knowing what you want, when communicating with your audience.

“Your About Page is so much!” At minute 13.20, Stacy explains how to create a unique About Page, by thinking about what is unique about you.

“If you go look at the old website, and you look at the new website, you will see the difference...” At minute 14.46, Stacy uses her old and new websites to show the big difference that using a professional copywriter can make.

“It's basically kicking off this challenge that's coming up, called Brand To Expand.” At minute 15.39, Stacy talks about her 5-day Challenge, starting on Monday 27th.


For Stacy's 5 Day Challenge, go to:


Stacy's old website:


Stacy's new

Feb 21, 2017

The guest on today's show is Maria Rana, a copywriter and Sales Funnel Strategist. In only two years, Maria, who is a non-native English speaker, has managed to build herself a successful copywriting business. She has also become the go-to expert when it comes to building cash creating funnels. She has helped her clients- even the smallest- generate over $100 000 with their launches. Today, Maria talks to Stacy about sales funnels and about how copywriting is a huge and integral part of them.

Fresh out of university with a degree in literature, Maria, who hails from a tiny, village in Pakistan, really wanted to create the means to become financially independent and make her mark in the world. Her reality at the time, however, did not support those goals, as she comes from a very conservative family, where women weren't allowed to work and there was no concept of making money online.

Maria, being a big dreamer with a vision, made up her mind to change that. She decided to leverage her background in literature and started working as a freelance writer. She started out earning a pittance, but never gave up. She kept going and at the beginning of 2015, she was awarded a scholarship, which is how she got into the copywriting game. In her very first month in business, she made $3000 and since then it's been a wild, wild ride! Listen in today and find out how you can create cash funnels to boost your business beyond your dreams.


Some highlights include:

“Alright, so going back a few years...” From 1.35, Maria talks about how she got to be doing what she does today.

“So, to have a proper funnel in place, you need first off, clarity around your offer...” From minute 4.26, Maria explains where to start with creating sales funnels.

“There are different ways of doing that...” From minute 6.34, Maria offers some strategies to send traffic to your landing pages to really capture those leads.

“On your personal page, you can send them to your fan page, or maybe your Facebook Group, so do include that link in there.” From minute 8.50, Maria talks about the importance of creating links to Facebook.

“So, first off, obviously they're getting a welcome email...” From minute 9.20, Maria talks about email sequences- what the journey looks like and how often you should be sending emails out.

“And if you're wondering where do we exactly start pitching...”From minute 11.27, Maria explains the best place to start pitching.

“You need to have a viable long-term strategy...” From minute 13.00, Maria gives her advice about a strategy you can create for sending out emails.

“So, preferably, if you want to make things easy, I would recommend click funnels...” From minute 14.50, Maria discusses whether you need a landing page service, or if just using your website will work.

“But you should keep in touch with your list at least once or twice a week...” From minute 16.17, Maria suggests how often you should send emails after people have jumped on your landing page and received the welcome email.

“OMG, yes! My first funnel, my welcome email, I asked them one simple question and I got over a hundred responses.” From minute 16.44, Maria discusses whether it's a good idea to end an email with a question- whether people actually respond to them or not.

“Once you have that strategy because you cannot write copy without a strategy...” From minute 17.48, Maria offers some tips for writing really great copy that sells.


To contact Maria:

Maria's Facebook Group: The Woman Unchained- This is where you can find Maria's free gift to you.


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Feb 16, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Today, in wrapping up a week of talking about productivity and systems, Stacy goes over some of the systems she uses in her home, that help to keep her business really productive. She mentions that she often does her recording in her kitchen because she's comfortable there and it also has the best internet reception in her house. As a mom, this means that she really has to have her ducks in a row, when it comes to being organized.


In today's show, Stacy shares some of the things she does, to ensure that her environment remains conducive to efficiency and productivity. She reminds you that need to care about your home because it affects your business. She asks you what you can do today that will help you de-clutter your life and really simplify it. Stacy suggests that you look around the room and assess the situation and see what you can do to make things more organized and start a system that you haven't had before to enhance your productivity.


Some highlights include:


“So, what I do specifically is I have a little basket...”From minute 2.06, Stacy talks about a practical system she uses to store her equipment and keep it off limits to her children.

“Lisa talked about on the last episode, was the Sunday basket. I'm kind of doing a version of this...”At minute 2.37, Stacy suggests using a Sunday basket, as suggested by a guest on a previous show.

“One of the things that I've been doing is I've been putting my make-up and hair stuff, all of that, in my half bathroom.” At minute 3.50, Stacy talks about doing her hair and make-up closer to where her kids are playing in the mornings.

“So now we have to pick out our clothes before bedtime...” At minute 5.07, Stacy talks about looking at what's slowing you down and creating systems to make things faster.

“A tip from my friend Jen...” At minute 5.38, Stacy shares an organizational tip learned from a friend.

“I have a checklist for when I travel...” At minute 7.11, Stacy talks about the value of using a checklist when traveling.


For details of Stacy's live event, go to


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Feb 14, 2017

Today's guest is Lisa Woodruff, a Personal Organizer, a Productivity Specialist and author of the book The Mindset Of Organization- Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time. Lisa believes that organization is something that can be developed, even if you weren't born that way. On today's show, Lisa explains how you can have your space organized and keep it that way.


Lisa started out as a teacher. At the age of forty, when thinking about what she really wanted to do with her life, she realized that all her successes had to do with organization- either for herself or for others. So she launched her blog Organize 365 in January 2012, with the idea of selling organizing products. Within a couple of months, people were referring to her as a Professional Organizer. Once she realized that that was what she really was, the sky became the limit. Listen in and find out from Lisa how you can organize your life to maximize your productivity.


Some highlights include:


“I have multiple revenue streams...” From minute 2.44, Lisa explains what her business looks like today.

“But when they pay for it, they really do it.” At minute 3.25, Lisa explains how charging for something is often better than giving it way for free.

“It starts with de-cluttering- you always have to de-clutter.” At minute 5.35, Lisa talks about some of the easier things to organize.

“So tackle one area at a time- step one is de-clutter, step two is organize, step three is productivity...” At minute 6.07, Lisa gives you the first three steps towards productivity, reminding you that you can't do it all at once!

“It's all about building better habits.” At minute 6.27, Lisa talks about creating good habits for yourself.

“So the big thing is to complete the de-cluttering process...” At minute 7.20, Lisa advises you to get rid of whatever you no longer need.

“But what I suggest now, is to just ship it all out- take the last Amazon box you got, pack it up...” At minute 7.52, Lisa talks about Amazon's promotion, launched over Christmas, where they will pay to send your unwanted goods to Goodwill.

“You need to decide what is most important that day.” At minute 9.30, Lisa talks about whether you should sell your unwanted items, or give them away.

“It's because you don't set in organizational systems and go to the level of productivity.” From minute 10.30, Lisa explains why clutter tends to creep back in.

“So this is what I call Organization 101- setting up a Sunday Basket for that kitchen pile that is not going to go away.” At minute 13.37, Lisa describes a great system for dealing with mail and the daunting 'kitchen pile'.

“If the whole entire house is disorganized... we're going to focus on the following four areas, because they impact a woman's life the most.” At minute 17.19, Lisa talks about the primary areas that she organizes in most people's homes.

“So it depends on how long it's been disorganized.” At minute 18.14, Lisa talks about the cost of having her organize your home.

“So the message I really, really want women to hear is that it doesn't matter if you were born organized, or not organized, everyone can be organized.” From minute 22.51, Lisa shares a heartfelt message with all women.



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